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About Us

What is Elite FX Academy?

Elite FX Academy

is multinational trading academy which was designed by Luka Lah, Martin Mohar & Andrijano Vujasin who have combined experience of over 26 years in the forex market as a professional traders. They decided to create this academy for selected members out of the community, who has a passion for trading and has shown increasing interest in trading the markets. Being a member of this academy, you will be given an ELITE TRADING PROGRAM necessary to take your trading to the highest level and improve your trading career.

In our Elite room you get highly profitable trading setups, the whole elite course, weekly and daily analysis, elite custom indicator which is combined with elite strategy. Luka Lah and Martin Mohar will also share their live trade setups so you can learn while you earn. You will have the opportunity to talk with Andrijano who is proprietary trader and mentor.

Forex, crypto and stocks traders of all levels, beginners as well as experienced, are welcome!

Martin Mohar

Full-time Currency trader, Market Analyst and Forex Trading Coach

I am trading fiat currencies for last four years. While I started getting in touch with trading industry I finished high school and after high school I was continuing mechanical engineering university and got diploma.

My life changed when I realised engineering is not for me. I was wrong for 6 years learning engineering because I was listening my parents and friends what should I do. I was always embraced on how to make money without any boss who is paying me fixed, low salary for my hard work. I’ve seen myself in finance business, so I decided to learn how to trade forex.

On my trading journey i bought a several forex courses, signal services, looking on Youtube for best strategy, listen to some “forex gurus” but there was no consistency and profitability which is crucial for long term success. After plenty of researches of losing and winning money I finally became stable and successful because of developing my own strategy.

I wish I knew all this secrets from first hand and I wish I knew a mentor, who really helped me with progress. If you are willing to succeed in trading then I am glad to help you and share my whole knowledge, strategy and mistakes which i did.

Luka Lah

Full-time Currency trader, Investor, and Forex Trading Coach

For over 7 years now, I have been trading Forex markets with successful results. Helping me along the way has been the system I developed that has made it easy for me to trade, and obtain profitable results. Honestly, it wasn’t always rosy for me. My first few years of trading was though, and I hardly made any profits. I made some poor decisions in my trades, lost a reasonable sum manuals of money to bad trades, spent a good number of time reading unhelpful articles, guides, and eBooks, and even buying bots that claimed to deliver a significant ROI.

I can’t count the how many hours I lost dwelling on multiple indicators tick on my screen and moving from one online forum to another looking for the system or tool that will turn my poor results around. I never knew that my major problem was that I was utterly uneducated in trading. Without knowledge and experience, I was basically going into trading blind.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I made. I don’t want you to trade without a dependable trading approach or plan. Also, I don’t want you to waste your time, energy, and money trying to figure your way around. These are the reasons why I offer Forex courses and private coaching. Till date, I have coached individuals from several countries in the world, and that number is rising on a daily basis. With my knowledge and experience, I am free to trade anytime, anywhere without any restrictions. I want you to enjoy this same benefits that I enjoy.

Andrijano Vujasin

Proprietary Trader and Mentor

I am trading forex almost 16 years and see a huge improvement in this field. Right now a lot of trading material can be found on internet for free, every broker offers education but if you ask yourself why are only few % of people profitable?

The answer is simple, retail trading is a huge market but without good risk management, strategy and psychology you can not make long term profit against big players like banks, large commercial companies, governments, etc..

Right now iam trading for 4 different prop. firms & manage crypto fund so its time to share my knowledge with everyone who has a passion to become a profitable trader.


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