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If you are reading this article, you are probably curious about the currency market and are interested in online trading. In life, people always strive to get the best and the information related to the trade, this does not change, everyone wants to have the best conditions, the best platforms and of course, the best prices in the market. For this reason, millions of people who have opted in the Forex market, who have understood that this is the best market to operate. 

These operators exploit the potential of the market and take advantage of every possible opportunity, which can be unlimited. So, why is the Forex market the best market to operate? There are many reasons and talk about all of them, but first, let us tell you a brief history of the Forex market.

What is the Forex market?

  The Forex Market is a decentralized currency exchange market worldwide, in which an amount equivalent to 5.3 trillion US dollars is operated daily. It is active in almost all time zones and offers traders the opportunity to operate 24 hours a day, five days a week. When the market closes in the United States, the trading day begins in Tokyo and Hong Kong. The flexibility of time is very convenient for traders who have a complicated work schedule. You do not need to worry about the opening and closing of the market and feel free to organize your operations at any time you want. 

 The fact is that millions of investors choose to trade in Forex since it tends to be the best generation and investment opportunity. Now anyone can become a Forex trader and manage transactions from home or from anywhere else by easily installing the mobile version of the latest trading platform to a smartphone. Advanced IT technologies have allowed Forex to double in size over the past decade.

 What is most beneficial for beginning traders is that you do not need a lot of money to start Forex trading. The average Forex broker requires around $ 100 to open an account and start trading, but there are very attractive offers of standard, micro, and even cents accounts with initial deposits starting at $1. 

 The main disadvantage of the Forex market is eventually caused by its greater advantage. It’s huge, and that’s why one can find it quite complicated to follow all currency pairs. The movement of currency prices is usually caused by the latest news, rumors, political issues, fundamental issues, and major regional or global events. The forex market is extremely dynamic and unpredictable. But with an intelligent strategy, having enough patience and knowledge, making well-founded decisions and performing adequate risk management, Forex trading can turn any person into a millionaire.

Reasons why Forex is the best market to operate

There are different reasons why different traders fall in love with the Forex market. The truth is that Forex has a lot to offer to any type of trader and there are many reasons to trade Forex online. Below are explained what are the main reasons why Forex is the most important market. All the points do not apply to your needs or your trading strategy; however, most traders define the following reasons as the answer to the question “Why Forex is the best market for online operations?”

  1. Volatility

How do traders earn money online? The technical aspects behind the operations are quite simple; you acquire an asset at a favorable price which you expect to sell or buy. So, how is volatility related? Well, the greater the volatility of the market, the more opportunities there will be to acquire and sell or buy the assets that it has. 

As you can understand, it makes little sense to keep your capital in the market if there is no market fluctuation. The volatility of the Forex market is great, you can often see on any day of the week a price fluctuation of around 50 to 100 pips on one of the major currency pairs. This means that if a lot is traded (or 100,000 currency units) and the quoted currency is in USD, it could potentially have a loss or profit of 500 to 1,000 USD.

  1. Accessibility

Even though volatility is very important and it truly tells us why Forex is the most important market for carrying out operations, we should never ignore accessibility. Although Forex is volatile and it is possible to catch many market fluctuations, this market is more accessible than any other online trading market. 

You can start trading online with a minimum of 10 USD and if you compare with other markets, this is a fairly low exchange capital requirement. Another good thing in terms of accessibility to the Forex market is that you can easily register from your computer to obtain a purchase account. Most retail Forex brokers operate online, therefore, to start trading you just have to register, send your documents and make a deposit in your trading account. Although accessibility does not influence the quality of the market, it is undoubtedly a reason why Forex is the most interesting market to observe.

  1. Technology

Day by day, software advances make life easier for us and the same happens with online operations. Every year there are more Forex trading platforms and there are many more updates available for Forex trading software already established. Compared to many other online trading markets, Forex is, thanks to technological advances, one of the potentially most lucrative markets to operate.

In addition to this, the retail Forex software industry is also enriched by external software providers that deliver various applications and additional programs to the most common trading platforms. This is the reason why Forex is an innovative way to operate online.

  1. Possibilities

Most likely, you have heard about the existence of a simple rule when operating, buying cheap and selling expensive. Well, in Forex you can also sell assets without being the owner, which is known as short positions. Let’s review this possibility with an example. You have 10,000 euros in your account and want to trade with the USD / JPY currency pair. 

Without getting to buy the USD or the JPY, you can open a short position with this pair and sell yen for dollars, while the existing balance in your account is in EUR. This characteristic tells us definitively why Forex is a good market to operate. In addition to this, Forex can be operated with margin, which implies the use of leverage. With the help of leverage, we can invest much larger amounts than the deposit.

  1. Regulation

Forex trading transactions are monitored very seriously and many Forex brokers are regulated by several authorities. This is why Forex is one of the safest markets to operate, even though there are brokers that are not regulated.

  1. Bonuses and Promotions

Forex brokers create large volumes of operations due to the leverage they offer. For this reason, it is often possible that at the time of opening a purchase account is rewarded with a deposit bonus. Why Forex is the most exciting market to operate? Because apart from the bonuses, the brokers also offer other great things. Admiral Markets is a sponsor of ForexBall – an International Trading Competition in demo accounts, with great prizes.

  1. Opportunity

 It takes time to master foreign exchange operations, but once achieved, a whole new world of opportunities opens up. You can become an account manager and start receiving benefits not only for transactions but also a commission for managing accounts.

  1. Communities

 Every day social networks are increasingly popular and as Forex is the largest market, it also has the largest number of forums on trading and trading networks. In this way, you can experience a whole community of Forex traders. This is the reason why Forex is the most social market to operate! As the retail market has been developing for almost two decades, you can easily find a large number of experts, collaborators, educators, critics and other members of the community in every possible language.

  1. Educational materials

As Forex is the most accessible market to operate, there are many beginners daily who open trading accounts. To ensure that this group of people can operate efficiently and improve their knowledge, Forex brokers deliver various materials. This tells us why Forex is the easiest market to use when operating but also the really dangerous for your funds if you do not know how to trade.

  1. Terms

The trading conditions are of vital importance for professional intraday traders. In this market spreads and commissions are quite low, which is why Forex is the most attractive market to operate. In fact, very often it is possible to experience only a spread of one or two pips. Like the spreads, the Forex infrastructure is highly developed and that is why the Forex market performance mode is simply perfect.

Trading Forex is an amazing, interesting and wonderful process. Not only does it give you the opportunity to conduct online operations, but it also makes you aware of what is happening in the world, makes you interested in your economy, in politics and international relations. This is why trading Forex is a great activity that should at least be tested in a demo account but better is to start on real account because of emotions.


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